Sweet Land Workshop

Sweet Land Workshop Wide Angle

When The Industry sets out to make a large-scale multidisciplinary production, it is crucial that each element has time to develop and coalesce with the next. And because we are making opera and music is driving the work a musical workshop becomes a particularly significant step in the process. In early May, we workshopped our…

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WAR OF THE WORLDS Secrets Revealed

War of the Worlds. Photo by Greg Grudt/Mathew Imaging.

WAR OF THE WORLDS is a large-scale, city-wide collaborative performance experience presented by the LA Philharmonic and co-produced by The Industry and NOW Art LA. It is The Industry’s most audacious experiment since Hopscotch. The notorious radio drama comes to new life with music by Annie Gosfield, directed by The Industry’s Yuval Sharon, conducted by…

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The Journey from A to B

Hopscotch performance at the LA River, November 1, 2015.

Hopscotch is full of metaphors for human existence and experience. It all begins with the name,  the hopscotch game itself, with each hop as a step in a life path. The way in which this opera is experienced and the language itself also lends itself to the metaphor. Life proceeds as a journey to an…

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What We See on the Surface: An Interview with Animator Daniel Olivas

Animation still by Daniel Olivas.

Daniel Olivas is the animator for Hopscotch Chapter 16, available online here. Olivas is a multi-media visual artist who was born in San Diego and received a B.A from UC Davis in Art Studio and Film Studies with a minor in music. After co-founding ASUCDs Aggie Public Arts Committee, he became chair and held that position…

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A $60k Pledge Towards Hopscotch

LA freeways.

We have until July 10 to match a generous $60,000 donation from Kiki and David Gindler — click here to help us reach our goal by July 10! You know The Industry loves a good challenge, whether it’s wireless operas in train stations or a single opera divided into 24 cars. But we’ve never had…

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Living the Dream of Invisible Cities

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 14: Director Yuval Sharon (L) and composer Christopher Cerrone pose at the dress rehearsal and behind the scenes photo op for the opera "Invisible Cities" at Union Station on October 14, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

This week, Chris Cerrone, composer of INVISIBLE CITIES, writes about the creation of the opera’s studio recording. The album will be available as a digital download and limited-edition CD box set on November 4th, 2014. Creating a recording of INVISIBLE CITIES has long been a dream of mine.

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Hopscotch Crescendo: Feet On The Ground

The creative team behind Hopscotch.

At the time I was voted onto the board of The Industry I knew very little about opera.  I run a small literary publisher called tNY.Press and our focus is experimental fiction; works that avoid classification and push forward the written word, but remain generally accessible.  Artistic Director Yuval Sharon’s charisma, open-mindedness, and ridiculous ambition pulled…

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A Mobile Opera for 18 Cars: Our New Operatic Experience is in the Works!

Looking back, it’s hard to imagine a time before INVISIBLE CITIES was a success story.  But the path there was anything but certain: creating that production was an enormous leap of faith for everyone involved—artists, funders, transit authorities, you name it.  In the many sleepless nights leading up to opening night, I needed a tactic…

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