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The Industry only exists through the generosity of contributors like you. Your support enables us to create unforgettable performances at an extremely accessible ticket price — including many performances that are completely free! The Industry is a 501c(3) non-profit organization, so your donation is deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

a photo of the central hub during a finale performance of Hopscotch
photo by Josh Lipton

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other ways to support

There are plenty of ways to support The Industry. If your workplace shares in your passion for the arts, ask us about Corporate Sponsorship or Employee Matching opportunities. Or, why not consider The Industry’s long-term future through a Planned Giving relationship?

And, of course, The Industry always welcomes enthusiastic Volunteers!


Thank You To Our Funders

The Aaron Copland Fund for Music
Dunard Fund
Ralph M. Parsons Foundation Logo

Supporters 2017 - 2018


The William Anawalt Family
Gary & Lolly Brown
Asher & Wendy Kelman
Rajika & Anupam Puri
In memoriam: Ariel Sharon

Visionaries $25.000+


Laurie & Bill Benenson
Mary Ann O'Connor & Stuart Meiklejohn
Elizabeth & Justus Schlichting

Lenore S. and Bernard A. Greenberg Fund
Department of Cultural Affairs Los Angeles
The National Endowment for The Arts
Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts
Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
Ziering Family Foundation
Betsy Greenberg
Bob Ellis & Jane Bernstein
Myrna Cook


($10,000 - 24,999)

Christine Adams & James Asperger
Stephen Block
Gary & Lolly Brown
Myrna Cook
Ruth Eliel & Bill Cooney
Chiedu Egbuniwe

Jerry M Kohl
Robert Braun & Joan Friedman
Fariba Ghaffari

Peter & Diane Gray
Leslie Lassiter
Alan Mandell
Raulee Marcus
Ruth Gilliand & Arthur Rieman
Abby Sher
Debra Vilinsky & Michael Sopher Family Charitable Fund
Yuval Sharon
Anonymoose Foundation
The Aaron Copland Fund for Music

City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs
Dunard Fund USA
Los Angeles County Arts Commission
The Rosenthal Family Foundation


($5,000 - 9,999)

Kenneth Reinhard & Julia Reinhard Lupton
Jon & Monique Kagan
The Hillenburg Family
Sigrid Burton & Max Brennan
Gary & Lolly Brown
Jason & Lucy Wolff
Kiki & David Gindler
Mark Hoebich
Hyon Chough
Ann & Gordon Getty Foundation
The Good Works Foundation
New Music USA
Pasadena Art Alliance
Maurice Singer
Barbara Cohn
The Amphion Foundation
William Anawalt


($4,999 - 2,500)

Carol Eliel & Tom Muller
NancyBell Coe


($1,000 - 2,499)

Chad Smith
Jim Drobka
Hope Schneider
Thomas Safran
Sara Cannon
Roger Curtis & Karen Schmidt
Alan E Muraoka
Allan Dinkoff
Janelle & Mark Friedman
Elizabeth Johnson
Stephanie Barron
Mads & Susan Bjerre
Michele & Arnold Brustin Foundation


($500 - 999)

Deborah Kanter & David Bartis
Bret Israel
Luella DeWulf
Jeffrey Calman
Kirby Shanklin
Tim and Connie McOsker
David Gilbert & David Farneth
Dody Dorn & Kevin Hughes
Amy Blavin
Elizabeth Gibb
Lisa Kring
Shelley Sackett
Barry Sanders
Adele Yellin
Roz Bonerz
Jewish Music Commision Los Angeles
Mali Sharon


($150 - 499)

Liv Ballard
Yuval Bar-Zemer
Susan Bienkowski
Lisa Bittan
Sue Ellen Case
Ami Cohen
Mychelle Deschamps
Susan Emerling
Sean Fuqua
Deborah Irmas
Linda Kent
Nina Montee
Thea Nesis
Steven Ross
Ronnie Rubin
Susan Stein
Nadine Kresiberger
John Kelly Strader & Harold Arthur Gunn
Ryan Liddy
Ava Bromberg
David Hurwitz
Danielle Brazell
Mimi Techentin
Ethan Lipsig
Manfred & Elisabeth Buerger
Tamara Silver


(Up to $149)

Meredith Kitz
Jacquie Nemor
Komisha Owosekun
Barbara & Ivan Cury
Eileen Levy
Jacqueline Samols
Meldia Yesayan
Ava Bromberg
Dale Aucoin
David Ashkenaze
David Gev
Elizabeth Johnson
Linda Kent
Mark Longo
Olga Garay-English
Paul Berkolds
Thomas Bliss
Valerie Cohen
Carolyn Griffiths
Steven Drucker
Wendy Franklin
Drs. Enid Lagesse & Mary Romanello
John Goodman
Matthew Matzkin
Marcia & Gary Hollander
Julia Meltzer
Caryn Espo
Kevin Awakuni
Joel Miller


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Chris Ahearn
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Max Brennan & Sigrid Burton*
Francisco Bracho*
Sara Cannon
Charlie Craig*
Jessica Cusick*
Jack & Sandy Fine
Gloria Gerace*
Debra Gerod
Elizabeth Gibb
Rachel Harris*
Barbara Harris Cury*
Vitaly Koshman*
Donna Mandosa*
Maria Pacana
Allison Page*
Edward Patuto*
Lauren Phillips
Robina Mapstone*
Charlotte Spiegelman*
William Tetreault
Richard Tom
Joseph Trapanese*
Robin Veith
Tina Vince*
Richard Winger*