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Two New The Industry Company Members!

James Hayden, bass

We are thrilled to welcome two Company Members, projection designer Jason H. Thompson and bass James Hayden. Jason has been creating visual worlds with The Industry from the very first production Crescent City, then for Invisible Cities, Hopscotch, and Young Caesar.  While James has had some of the more memorable roles in The Industry’s recent…

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The Industry’s 2018 Year In Review: A Momentum Year

The Industry premieres experimental artist-driven productions every other year, with smaller-scale yet artistically ambitious programs between them — both of which work towards our goal of expanding the definition of opera. In these “between years,” our focus is momentum. It’s the momentum from previous productions that brings artistic and civic innovation to LA, gives artists…

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Yuval Sharon and The Industry in Bayreuth: Reflections

Yuval Sharon's July 2018 production of Lohengrin at Bayreuth

In July 2018, executive director Elizabeth Cline, music director Marc Lowenstein, and a group of 12 The Industry supporters traveled to the Bayreuth Festspiele to experience Yuval Sharon’s monumental Lohengrin production, where he was the first American to direct a production in it’s 142 year history. Elizabeth and Marc reflect on their time in Bayreuth.…

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John Cage and the California Experimentalists

In preparation for our next production, John Cage’s Europeras 1 & 2, which premieres on November 6 at Sony Pictures Studios in partnership with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, we asked our Music Director Marc Lowenstein to give some insight into the work of John Cage and The Industry’s Highway One series, which pays homage to the great…

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