LA Phil and The Industry: An Exciting Announcement

The Industry team.

Dear friends of The Industry,

Although all eyes are on Hopscotch, which opens in just under two months, an exciting announcement is being made today that we thrilled to share with you. The Los Angeles Philharmonic has appointed me Artist-Collaborator for a three-year residency beginning in Fall 2016.

This means that in addition to my work with The Industry, and while remaining an independent company with our own distinct programming, The Industry and I will expand our offerings to the LA audience by collaborating with the remarkable talents and facilities of the L.A. Phil. Together, we will develop works that will challenge audiences, musicians, and artists.

It’s an extraordinary opportunity for both me and for The Industry, and the ideas that are percolating are truly exciting. I would like to share with you my full statement that will be presented to the press:

The invitation to play a role in the most innovative musical organization in the country is a profound honor, most importantly for the opportunity to develop a deep relationship over three years. My hope is for a sustained exchange of ideas during this residency, where the sum total of the individual explorations we undertake add up to a complete disruption of a conventional trajectory for an organization and a director.

When I started The Industry as a home for new and experimental opera, it was clear that the kind of company I wanted to create could never exist in Los Angeles without the LA Philharmonic’s decades of dedication to new work – and the wonderfully open-minded audience that has generated. I am excited to see how the ideas I have developed with The Industry can now be applied to a completely different artistic ensemble, including the notion of bringing the orchestra into the fabric of the city. Taking the orchestra out of such a perfect hall may seem sacrilegious, but I believe these experiments can offer a tremendous opportunity to create new experiences and surprising engagement. The Industry and LA Phil share a commitment to contemporary composers that expand the field of musical possibilities, and we also share a belief in exploring the unpredictable intersection of different art forms. I hope that the collaborations between the two companies will build off our independent discoveries, while pushing both organizations into new terrain.

Innovation and tradition must be in constant dialogue with each other for healthy art-making. My own work is split between the new, from-the-ground-up projects for The Industry and re-interpretations of established works, designed for conventional theaters or concert halls in other cities. I am thrilled that this residency with the LA Phil gives me a unified location to explore both modes of creation, in and out of an extraordinary hall, for an audience I feel most deeply connected to.

Beyond artistic programming, I am equally excited about other initiatives that will ask the LA Phil and its audiences to challenge conventional wisdom. How, for example, can you re-invigorate the recital format without losing its special intimacy? How can a tried-and-true subscription concert nevertheless become a springboard into a unique experience? Can the element of surprise and revelation begin with the pre-concert lecture? How else can we get close to the prodigiously talented individuals that make up this powerful musical body? And how can Disney Hall’s more traditional arrangement of audience and artist continue to inspire an unexpectedly active engagement?

We may not answer these questions in three years. But I believe a dedicated engagement to these topics will point the path towards a vital future for the LA Philharmonic, for The Industry, for me, and for live music’s central place in the life of this city.

I am truly excited for the future of The Industry — beginning, of course, this fall with Hopscotch, and on through collaborations like this one with the LA Phil. We can’t wait to share our ideas with you, our audience.

With gratitude,

Yuval Sharon
Artistic Director, The Industry

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