Second Take: Bonnie and Clyde

February 25, 2017, 7-8:30pm Wilshire Ebell Theatre, 4401 W. 8th Street, Los Angeles, CA

Music by Andrew McIntosh
Libretto by Melinda Rice
Conducted by Christopher Rountree

Second Take launches with the concert premiere of Bonnie and Clyde by composer Andrew McIntosh and librettist Melinda Rice.

McIntosh is one the six composers who wrote for Hopscotch, the acclaimed mobile opera in 24 cars that caused a sensation when it premiered in Fall 2015. His compositions have been described as “a shining example of the extraordinary music that the youngest generation of American experimentalists has to offer” (Tempo), and have been heard at major venues in throughout the US and Europe.

Bonnie and Clyde takes a fresh look at Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow’s 1930s crime spree through the eyes of those who witnessed it. Librettist Melinda Rice did extensive research, sifting through biographies of family members, police officers, government officials, and friends, as well as historian’s accounts.

Notes McIntosh, “In portraying this story, there are a few questions that are explored. What is it about their lives that has come to symbolize freedom and love in popular culture, when the actual lives that they led were extremely unglamorous, tedious, and full of poverty and tension? Since the accounts that have been left behind are sometimes contradictory, how do we attempt to portray a factual representation of important events in their lives? Why has our society been so fascinated be them, even 80 years after they lived? Is there something universally human about their characters that makes us identify with them?”

McIntosh and Rice were commissioned to complete the work with the generous support of Stephen Block, Leslie Lassiter, and Raulee Marcus.

About Second Take

Second Take presents an entire performance of a new opera first heard on the previous First Take program. Together, First Take and Second Take provide a rare and vital opportunity for American opera creators to test new works before the public, in a concert setting with full orchestration.


  • Music by Andrew McIntosh
  • Text by Melinda Rice
  • Performed by wild Up