War of the Worlds

November 12 and 18, 2017 Los Angeles

Concept, Direction, Text adaptation by Yuval Sharon
Music by Annie Gosfield
Conducted by Christopher Rountree
Production Design by Calder Greenwood
Presented by the Los Angeles Philharmonic
Co-produced by The Industry and NOW Art

An alien at city hall. Photo by Elizabeth Cline.

WAR OF THE WORLDS is a new opera that eliminates the boundary between concert hall and the streets of Los Angeles. Three defunct air raid sirens located in downtown Los Angeles are re-purposed into public speakers to broadcast a live performance at Walt Disney Concert Hall, based on the infamous 1938 radio drama created by Orson Welles.

WAR OF THE WORLDS is performing simultaneously at four locations on November 12 and 18: the same piece with four different perspectives. Musicians from the Los Angeles Philharmonic play on the stage of Walt Disney Concert Hall and broadcasted through the sirens onto the streets of Los Angeles—while performers stationed at the sirens will send their live report of the alien invasion back to the concert hall.

To get the best sense of the total work, make two visits: one to Walt Disney Concert Hall and one at one of the three siren locations. On November 18th there is enough time to travel between Walt Disney Concert Hall and any of the siren locations to see the show both at 12pm and 2pm. (the performance is approximately one hour long)

WAR OF THE WORLDS is made possible in part by grants from the Dunard Fund USA, the National Endowment for the Arts and The Good Works Foundation.