James Hayden

James Hayden, bass

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James Hayden, bass, grew up in a household where the living room speakers pumped out either Placido Domingo or Led Zeppelin depending on which parent had control of the remote. This upbringing influenced his time at the USC where he trained with choral, operatic, and pop ensembles in pursuit of his Vocal Arts degree. James has developed a particular fondness for unusual performances, learning how to sing and ride a penny-farthing bike as the Basso Buffo in the LA Phil’s production of John Cage’s Europeras, and portraying a cowardly crooner in the world premiere of Annie Gosfield’s War of the Worlds. Other notable engagements include the ongoing worldwide tour of the Los Angeles Master Chorale’s Lagrime di San Pietro, two appearances on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” and two performances with the Rolling Stones on their 50th Anniversary Tour. His voice can be heard on movie and video game soundtracks, including Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Minions, The Hangover Part III, and League of Legends. When not embodying villains or wise priests on the operatic stage, he performs with the new-music vocal sextet “Hex” and writes award-winning pop a cappella charts for ensembles across the U.S.

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