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An interview with The Industry Lab artists Danielle Agami and Odeya Nini on their upcoming program GEST

Danielle Agami and Odeya Nini

THE INDUSTRY: To what extent did you two know each other personally or professionally before The Industry initiated your collaboration? ODEYA + DANIELLE: Not at all! DANIELLE: Yuval [Sharon] thought we should meet. ODEYA: I had seen Danielle’s work because Archie, my husband, played with her. When was that? Two years ago? DANIELLE: April 2014. THE INDUSTRY: What work was that…

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A Rumination on Writing an Opera by Jason Thorpe Buchanan

Hunger composer, Jason Thorpe Buchanan.

This week, we feature a piece by composer Jason Thorpe Buchanan, whose multimedia opera, Hunger, will be featured in our 2015 FIRST TAKE showcase of new ideas in American opera. In deciding to write a Multimedia Opera, I wanted to explore the idea of psychological fragility and deterioration

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